Dear Adobe Reader. Hell No.

Dear Adobe,

You are an add-on. You are not a system utility, a kernel driver, hell half the time you’re not even useful. So I see absolutely NO reason what-so-ever I should need to reboot my entire laptop just to update your application. If you want me to restart IE/FF/Safari/Opera I fully understand that you might need to do that in order to update plugins . But beyond that I don’t understand your need. Why should I have to reboot my machine for you? The only thing more absurd than this request would be requesting a reboot in order to update Flash.

I’m thinking it might be time to find an alternative to Adobe Reader.

Hello world!

So for ages now I’ve had my own site in random places and I kept either forgetting to pay for it, or being afraid to explain to my wife why I needed $100 (or more) for my own site. So … free WordPress here I am!

This blog will be random. Sometimes I post a lot, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I post about tech, things I’m doing or learning at work, thinks that bugged me or things I found funny. Random is the key.

If you want to comment feel free. I moderate comments for everyone. Most will be approved – obvious spam or comments just to link to a spam site will not be. Calling me names = not approved. Disagreeing with me = approved!