Musings, Findings and Tech


This demo site is here as a starting point for the various web development projects I may be working on. Through this site I hope to build a portfolio, as well as a follow along journey of my progress.

Starting Out (2017)

One of the first online courses I took was from Code Academy. The class was called Freelance Website Development and ran 8 or 9 weeks. Unfortunately I ended up on vacation (out of state) during the class so I did not have as much time to focus on it as I wanted to. It was not a waste of money since I got some much needed experience, but I think I wanted something a bit more "from scratch". I recommend the class if you have a bit of experience, but not enough to be dangerous yet. Edit: Looks like this class is no longer online (or not available right now). I've left a link to Code Academy below since they still have tons of relevant courses.

April 2018

After a looooong break (holdays, winter doldrums, etc) and in the interest of completing another interesting project I decided to take the Code Academy final project - Colmar Academy - and instead of it being done in flexbox, I wanted to do it in CSS Grid. Totally unnecessary, but I wanted to know Grid a little better and this seemed like a logical thing to do since the main HTML was already built. Below are links to both projects side by side.
NOTE: Colmar-Grid is not complete at the time I put this up (and may never be). I still need to build media queries for resizing elements properly. It was late and I was tired.

Late April - Early May I watched a short series of videos about Markdown from Web Bos because I started trying out which lets you take all your notes in Markdown. It made sense to learn Markdown to make formatting the pages easier for the basic stuff. Markdown Notes