Using mod_rewrite rules for subdomains to subfolders

A URL address bar with www

From the land of things that were harder than they needed to be. Seems like you need a deep dive in everything to be able to do anything sometimes.

So, on this domain I wanted to use a single host to handle a few subdomains. One for my blog (which you’re on now), and maybe a couple of others for web classes or anything else I may want to mess around with.

Easy enough to do with subdomains and different document root folders on a standard server. And the hosting service does provide different document root folders. I ended up with different FTP root folders for each subdomain which is not what I was looking for. I wanted to use one FTP account and then just upload to the location I wanted for the subdomain I was updating.  Continue reading “Using mod_rewrite rules for subdomains to subfolders”